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Title: Beginning of a Plan
Fandom: A-Team
Rating: PG-13, for mild swearing and violence
Word Count: 11,226
Summary: Hannibal and Face are good. Add Murdock and B.A. and they're the best. What happens after Mexico and their first mission.
Author's Note: Written for the A-Team Big Bang. And anything military I more or less made up based off what I've seen in movies or read in books, so it has the potential to be all kinds of not right. Characters aren't mine, blah blah blah, copyright stuff and here we go.



The sun was relentless in its glare and heat. Sweat dripped down the back of his neck making it itch. He wanted nothing more than to wipe it away, but unfortunately, he was currently wedged between a couple of large rocks and his hands were busy keeping his rifle steady. Blinking his eye rapidly, Face attempted to relieve the sting of sweat soaking into his eyes. He had been crouched in the same position for an hour. His legs were cramping as he scanned the outpost in front of him.


At some point, the plan had gone to hell in a hand basket. It had not been surprising given that Hannibal had not been put in charge of creating the plan. According to the intelligence the DEA had gathered, Hannibal’s unit, plus Decker’s unit, were going to attack the cartel’s compound from two sides. Theoretically, they were attacking at the weakest points. Hannibal had pointed out that their target was not an idiot like Tuco and most likely knew exactly where his weak points were. The element of surprise was crucial for the plan to work. Their target, Luis Gallardo, was paranoid and always expected an attack. He was also heavily armed. However, on this specific day, most of his men would be occupied guarding the shipment of drugs traveling across the desert. With most of his men guarding their cargo from competition and authorities, Gallardo should be left at his base with minimal man power. Life never worked how it should.


Just as Hannibal predicted, Gallardo was very much prepared should anybody attempt a sneak attack. Guards that had been hidden in basements responded to the sound of alarm, and soon, the compound was flooded with trigger happy men bent on defending their leader at all costs. Fortunately, Hannibal had been able to signal Decker before his unit could get caught up in the surprise attack. But unfortunately, that meant Hannibal and B.A. were now prisoners of Gallardo.


Face had watched from a distance. As he watched Gallardo’s men roughly herd Hannibal and B.A. towards a large adobe building, he had ample opportunity to place a bullet in his forehead, but each time, Face knew it would only get his team killed. So instead, he was relegated to biding his time until Murdock arrived. He was their exit strategy, and as such, he was waiting a distance away with their helicopter. Face wanted to check his watch to see how long it had been since he radioed Murdock in, but he was afraid to look away for even a second. He did not want to miss a thing.


“What did I miss?”


Face about jumped when Murdock suddenly popped up right behind him. He motioned for Murdock to look for himself.


“That isn’t good, is it?” Murdock asked, even though he knew the answer. “What are we going to do? We can’t leave them there. You’ve got to stick with your unit.”


“No arguments there, buddy,” Face mumbled, his throat feeling itchy and dry.


A canteen of water invaded the view through his scope. Murdock waved it back and forth.


“I’ll watch, you drink something or Hannibal’s going to get really mad when you show up dehydrated.”


Frowning at Murdock for plopping right in front of his scope, Face grudgingly grabbed the water. In the end, he was very glad Murdock forced him to drink the water.


“I think I have a plan,” Face mused. “Where’s Decker right now?”


“Over by that wash to the southeast,” Murdock said. “Why?”


Not immediately answering, Face absently picked up a small rock and rolled in his hand. He watched the stone tumble around a bit and then suddenly grinned.


“I need you to contact him and tell him to block the main roads leading behind them,” Face instructed. “Then, tell him to stay put at that wash.”


Murdock nodded his head, but still stared quizzically at Face.


“Okay, I can do that, but what’s he going to be doing? Actually what are you going to be doing?” Murdock asked.


“Waiting for you to join me at the northwest corner,” Face replied with a grin. “This will be far more convincing if you’re with me. Besides, I bet B.A. is just dying to see your face again.”


Murdock laughed and offered a jaunty salute.


“Coming right up!”


Staying low and circling behind Face, Murdock crouched behind the boulders and pulled out his radio.


“This is Flora,” Murdock said into the device. “Are you there Maleficent?”


Face snorted at Murdock’s nicknames and carefully moved from between the boulders. His legs were stiff, the knee joints popping, and as the blood flow returned to his legs, he felt the pins and needles in his muscles.


“What the hell are you going on about?”


Decker’s annoyed and stressed voice crackled over the radio. Murdock gave Face a thumbs up and motioned for him to get moving.


“Sleeping Beauty wants you to block the main path and wait by the moat,” Murdock responded seriously.


As Face carefully picked his way around sharp shrubs and cactus that looked like it was a medieval torture device, he glanced over his shoulder at his given nickname. Murdock steadfastly ignored him. Rolling his eyes, Face took his time getting to his desired location. It was going to be an uphill battle getting Decker to agree to his plans, but eventually, Face knew he would agree to them, if for no other reason than he had few other options.


Creeping along the perimeter of the outpost, Face would pause every so often behind a rock and search the area through his scope. He saw a lone watchtower in the center and noted the two guards searching the horizon for any threat. Face snuck just a little bit closer. The watchmen would not be looking for a lone man so close to base. By the time he reached the northwest corner, Face had sufficient information to feel confident with his plan. Of course, he was definitely going to check with Hannibal first.


“Okay, so what are we going to do now?”


This time, Face made sure he kept an ear out for Murdock’s approach. He motioned for Murdock to come closer. Murdock eagerly obliged.


“We’re going to get captured,” Face stated.


Murdock pursed his lips as he scrutinized Face. He reached out and felt Face’s forehead, checking for a fever. Swatting his hand away, Face pointed to the building where Hannibal and B.A. had been taken.


“To get them out, we need to get in,” he explained. “I need to talk to Gallardo and check with Hannibal. We’re going to need all of us to get out of here alive. You with me?”


Slowly nodding his head, Murdock broke out into a manic grin.


“Of course I am, Boss Junior.”


Face did a double-take at the nickname. Murdock patted him on the head like he would a puppy.


Hannibal is Boss, and since you’re second-in-command, you’re Boss Junior. Or would you prefer Little Boss?” Murdock suggested.


“You are such an ass,” Face deadpanned. “So, how do you want to do this?”


“Like this.”


Murdock immediately jumped up, dragging Face up with him. Before Face could ask what he was doing, Murdock wrapped one arm around Face’s waist and the other held his hand out to the side. He immediately began singing Living La Vida Loca while he attempted to get Face to dance the salsa with him. Face could not even begin to guess what steps the salsa used, so he wound up tripping and practically being dragged by Murdock straight into the compound. To say the least, they made quite the impression on the guards.


Even through the shouting and the demands to surrender, Murdock did not let up on his singing or dancing. By now, Face was beginning to grasp the basic step pattern. He did not trip and step on Murdock’s feet as much. They did not stop until they were roughly grabbed by the guards and dragged unceremoniously into their prison and interrogation rooms. Face counted the steps they took and memorized where each of the guards were standing. He figured Hannibal and B.A. already did as much, but he did not want to leave anything to chance.


When they reached the cells, Face scanned the area and found Hannibal and B.A. tucked away in a corner cell. They perked up when they saw Face and Murdock being dragged down the hall. One of the guards shouted at another guard to open the door to the cell next to them. With as much force as they could muster, the guards shoved Face and Murdock into the cell. Landing in a heap, Face had to disentangle himself from Murdock.


“Ow, Murdock, I think your elbow is in my spleen,” Face muttered.


“No, I’m pretty sure that’s your gall bladder,” Murdock replied as he pushed himself off of Face.


“Well, whatever it is, it hurts,” Face whined.


“And I’m going to hurt both of you if you don’t tell me what you’re doing here right now,” Hannibal growled through the cell bars.


“All according to plan,” Face answered. “Where’s Gallardo?”


“Right here.”


Hannibal and others looked up at the man holding them captive. He was not of the most impressive stature, but Luis Gallardo stood tall and proud.


“It seems I caught two more Americans,” he gloated. “There’s no more help for you now, Colonel. You thought you were so clever with your little plan. But I saw through it. I knew it was only a matter of time before America sent in its military, guns blazing, acting every bit the hero like in your movies. And now, you’re going to regret the day you thought you could outsmart me.”


As he was speaking, Hannibal noticed the way Face was studying Gallardo, and it all made sense. Smirking, Hannibal stood up and casually leaned against the bars even though there were quite a few bruises and sore muscles protesting the movement.


“We have a whole other unit out there,” Hannibal said. “They’re bringing in reinforcements. It’s you who doesn’t stand a chance.”


Gallardo laughed.


“By the time your precious reinforcements arrive, I’ll be far away from here. All they’ll find are your dead bodies.”


Face suddenly flinched when he heard dead bodies and kept his eyes on the floor. Murdock and B.A. stared at him in concern.


“That’s right, young man,” Gallardo said, also noticing the flinch. “You’re going to die out here. Your job; not so glamorous now, eh?”


“We are United States Army,” Hannibal loudly declared. “We prepared to die for our cause.”


“Your man,” Gallardo said, pointing to Face. “He doesn’t seem so confident.”


Not waiting for a response, Gallardo laughed again and took a seat at a nearby table. He joked with his guards and grabbed the deck of cards resting on the table. After making sure Gallardo was engrossed in his card game, Hannibal slid down so he was at the same level as Face.


“What do you think you’re doing, soldier?” he whispered. “You’re making us look weak.”


Face’s head snapped up and he glared daggers at Hannibal.


“And you’re going to get us killed faster if you keep antagonizing him,” Face whispered back.


The harsh whispers caught Gallardo’s attention. He grinned as he stood up and approached the cells. He looked between Hannibal and Face, briefly noting the looks of dismay and concern on the others’ faces. Clasping his hands behind his back, Gallardo plastered on what was supposed to be a disarming smile. It reminded everybody of a crocodile.


“Hey now, your man there has a good point,” Gallardo said. He enjoyed the flare of hope that crossed Face’s features. “Maybe if you cooperate with me, I’ll let you live.”


Hannibal spat on his boot.


“Over my dead body,” he growled.


Face shot him a dirty look and Gallardo could barely contain his glee.


“You may get your wish,” Gallardo threatened. “But do your men want this also?”


He looked at Murdock, Face, and B.A. and in turn. Face was the only one he did not meet his gaze. Inwardly cheering, Gallardo pointed to Face.


“You seem like a smart man. Do you want to live?” he asked.


“Of course I do,” Face all but shouted. “Do you…if you promise to keep us alive, I’ll tell you where the reinforcements are.”


Murdock was about to pounce on Face and smack him in oblivion when he just happened to notice Hannibal motion for him to stop. Not understanding at first, Murdock looked back to Face and suddenly had to bite back a grin. Nodding his head ever so slightly, Murdock lunged for Face.


“I won’t let you betray your team and your country!” he screeched. “You can’t handle the truth!”


Gallardo was so caught up in watching the team fall apart that he did not see B.A. suddenly nod his head in understanding.


“Get off me!” Face shouted as he grappled with Murdock.


Motioning for one of the guards, Gallardo had him open the cell door. He then sent in more of his men to separate the two. They managed to pull them apart and drag Face out of the cell. Slamming the door shut on Murdock, Gallardo led him to the table. Face tentatively took a seat while Gallardo sat in the chair across from him. Keeping his head bowed, Face nervously fiddled with the hem of his shirt. Every once and a while, he would glance up at Gallardo before quickly averting his gaze.


“Easy there, muchacho,” Gallardo crooned. “Let’s just talk, eh? Look at me.”


Slowly lifting his head, Face stared back at him. Gallardo enjoyed seeing the fear reflected in Face’s blue eyes.


“This your first mission?” he asked.


Briefly glancing at Hannibal, Face nodded his head.


“You’ve got some bad luck,” Gallardo observed. “But you can make it better if you tell me where your reinforcements are and how many.”


Swallowing heavily, Face nodded his head. Ignoring the shouts from Hannibal and the others, Face blocked them out and focused on Gallardo.


“They’re about three kilometers to the southeast,” Face answered. “There’s about fifty men.”


Grinning, Gallardo motioned for a guard to grab Face. He was jerked into standing. Face struggled against the guards holding him.


“You’re going to let us live, right?” Face asked.


The desperation in his voice spurred Gallardo into action. He spun around and slammed his fist into Face’s stomach. Grunting in pain, Face braced himself for a bevy of fists and feet raining down on him.


“Only long enough to see your men slaughtered,” Gallardo replied. “Throw him back in and let the others decide what to do with him. You’re too naïve, amigo. You get fooled too easily.”


Face was tossed back in his cells, groaning in pain. Murdock made no move to help him. The two guards smiled at the treatment, or lack thereof.


Gallardo immediately began barking out orders. Hannibal and the others watched and listened to the men being assembled outside the walls. Peeking through a tiny window, Hannibal watched as almost three-quarters of the compound marched out with their weapons in the direction Face told them.


“Well, I hope you’re happy with yourself, soldier,” Hannibal barked. “You got those men killed and for what? We’re still going to die.”


The guards nudged each other and stepped a little bit closer to watch the exchange.


“I’m sorry!” Face practically sobbed, still curled up in the fetal position. “I didn’t know!”


Throwing his hands up in disgust, Hannibal kicked the bars separating them.


“If these bars weren’t here, I’d kill you myself,” Hannibal threatened. Turning to the guards, Hannibal pleaded. “Let me in there with him. He doesn’t deserve to die with the rest of us.”


Hoping to appeal to their apparent sadistic side, the guards whispered amongst themselves a while before nodding their heads. One of the guards stepped forward, hand reaching for his keys. When he found that nothing was there, he whipped his head around to Hannibal.


Shouting at him to return the keys, the two guards were now at the cell door trying to open it. So afraid of what was going to happen to them when Gallardo found out, the guards failed to dodge the two pairs of arms reaching through the bars.


Hannibal and B.A. tightened their hold until both the guards were passed out on the floor.


“Got the keys, kid?” Hannibal asked.


Uncurling himself from his position on the floor, Face held up the ring of keys he had been hiding with his body. Hannibal and the others grinned. Grunting from his now stiff limbs, Face hoisted himself up using Murdock’s offered hand.


“You know, for lack of a better word, that guy’s mean,” Face commented.


Murdock laughed and thrummed with energy as Face unlocked their door.


“Yeah, but not as mean as you for fooling everybody.”


Offering Murdock an apologetic smile as he unlocked the other door, Face tossed the keys to the side.


“Yeah, I should have probably given you the heads up,” Face admitted. “But throwing in a movie quote to let us know you figured it out? Genius.”


Murdock bowed.


“You know it.”


“Alright, boys,” Hannibal rallied. “Most of them are gone, but we’re still outnumbered. Plus, Gallardo is holed up somewhere and we need to get to him before he can run away. Now, Face, where did you send them off to?”


Face patted down the guards, pulling off their guns and ammunition. He tossed a gun to Hannibal.


“They’re marching off to meet a very pissed off Colonel Decker,” Face answered. “They don’t stand a chance.”


“Damn, you’re as bad as Hannibal,” B.A. groused as he accepted the offered gun. “And double damn, you’re a good actor.”


“It helped that I happened to shave today,” Face explained. “It’s easier to pull that kind of act off when I look younger.”


“You are younger,” B.A. observed with a smirk.


Huffing in mock annoyance, Face grabbed a spare hand gun and tossed it to Murdock.


“How would you know? For all we know, you’re younger than me,” Face protested.


“Doesn’t matter. I act older,” B.A. remarked.


Face spit his tongue out at him.


“It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage,” Murdock interjected. “And you don’t have a weapon?”


“Those bastards took my rifle,” Face said. “I like that rifle. I want it back.”


Hannibal released the safety on his gun with a grin.


“Let’s go get it then.”


They took off down the hall, Murdock taking point. As expected, there were no more guards in the jailhouse. Approaching the door with caution, Hannibal motioned for the others to get behind him.


“When I say go, me and B.A. will give cover fire while Murdock and Face go to that small building off to the side,” Hannibal ordered. “Gallardo won’t take risks. He wouldn’t stay in any building with easy access.”


Nodding their heads in understanding, Hannibal counted down on his fingers. When he got to one, he threw his hand down and opened the door. He and B.A. immediately began firing on the unsuspecting guards. They ducked and dodged behind whatever they could find. And when it became clear the guards were occupied with Hannibal and B.A., Face motioned for Murdock to follow him.


Face was out front, but Murdock grabbed him and shoved Face behind him. Rolling his eyes, but acknowledging the logic of the action, Face quietly followed behind Murdock. Not surprisingly, Hannibal and B.A. were doing an excellent job distracting everybody in the compound. They only ran into one guard. Murdock took him down with two shots.


As they approached the building housing Gallardo, Face suddenly tugged on the back of Murdock’s jacket and they ducked behind a nearby wall. Gallardo came running out, screaming commands into his radio. Face and Murdock silently bumped fists when they heard Gallardo receive reports of his men being completely routed by Decker. Cursing madly, Gallardo ran towards the gunfire. He did not notice Face and Murdock sneaking into the now vacant house.


It did not take long for Face to find his rifle. It was sitting across Gallardo’s desk, still in the condition Face left it. Picking the rifle up, Face tested the weight and then looked around the desk. Tossing aside, papers, he finally found his ammunition. Loading the magazine in his rifle, Face tested the weight again and grinned in satisfaction.


“Okay, let’s go,” Face said. “Gallardo is going to get a little surprise.”


Murdock nodded. Peeking out the door, the immediate area was still empty. Gunshots continued to fire across the compound. Face stealthily led Murdock around the back of the buildings until they were approaching behind Gallardo. They frowned when they saw Hannibal and B.A. shoved at his feet.


“Come on out!” Gallardo shouted. “I have your men right here!”


Face held Murdock back and held a finger up to his mouth. Murdock shifted his weight nervously, looking between Face and Gallardo.


“If you don’t show yourself right now,” he threatened. “I’m going to shoot your Colonel in the head.”


Nudging Murdock with his elbow, Face jerked his head to the right. Murdock nodded his head once and leveled his handgun on the men flanking Hannibal and B.A. Taking a deep, steady breath, Face brought his rifle up and lined up his shot. There was only once chance for everybody to come out of there alive.


“Do you hear me, American?!” Gallardo screamed as he dug the barrel of his gun into the back of Hannibal’s head.


He did not get a chance to follow through his threat. His body hit the ground with a thud as he clutched his arm. Taking advantage of the guards’ surprise, Murdock opened fire. They never had a chance to recover. By the time they turned around to find the source of the gunfire, they were already dead or bleeding.


Murdock let out a low whistle.


“Whoa, you really are a sharpshooter.”


Face grinned as he shouldered his rifle.


“Yeah, that’s why they call me a sharpshooter,” Face replied. They ran past the buildings flanking their sides and skidded to a halt when they finally reached the others.


 “You guys okay?” Face asked.


Hannibal brushed off the dirt clinging to his pants and shirt while B.A. stomped on Gallardo’s hand reaching for a gun.


“I feel great,” B.A. answered.


Crouching down so he could see Gallardo better, Face smiled.


“You’re too naïve,” he said. “You get fooled easily.”


Patting him roughly right above the leaking gun wound, Face stood back up, and fished around in his pocket.


“What are you looking for, kid?” Hannibal asked.


Cheering when he found it, Face pulled out a cigar and handed it to Hannibal.


“This. I found it in Gallardo’s office. They’re pretty high quality.”


Accepting the offering, Hannibal rolled it between his fingers, releasing its scent. Not waiting any longer, Hannibal bit off the end and stuck the cigar in his mouth. Face immediately lit it. Inhaling and savoring the flavor, Hannibal could not help but grin as he looked around him. The only people left standing were his men. Hannibal could not wait to report this to all the Generals and bureaucrats who doubted him. His team was the best and it was about time they all knew it.


“I love it when a plan comes together.”

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Date:December 4th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)
As Face would say, this was awesome ;) I've always liked stories that fill in the blanks. This does a wonderful job of showing how the team might have interacted in the early days. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Face was tormenting Blakley, and where he tricked Gallardo.

I'll definitely be saving this one on my hard drive.
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Date:December 4th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D
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Date:December 4th, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
This was awesome. I loved seeing how they became a team.
[User Picture Icon]
Date:December 6th, 2010 03:50 am (UTC)
So happy you liked it. :D
[User Picture Icon]
Date:December 4th, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
*Did you just bitch-slap me?* Made me laugh out loud, because I could honestly imagine the silence preceding the event. Loved this story, I have a genuine weakness for early fics, or any type of story where the team grates against one another but works well together.

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Date:December 6th, 2010 03:52 am (UTC)
I can only imagine how these guys would actually grate against each other. :P Glad you liked it!
[User Picture Icon]
Date:December 4th, 2010 11:56 pm (UTC)
Haha, awesome! Everything from their little fight outside the office -while- Hannibal's in the meeting to Face doing the paperwork and them cooperating together on the final ploy~ ah, I just love how this bridges that first meeting with their future reputation. ;)
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Date:December 6th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)
I'm happy you liked it. :D
Date:April 12th, 2011 08:37 am (UTC)
excellent articles, useful for me. keep writing and happy blogging.

Date:April 15th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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